Bridget was efficient with her time, thorough with her preparedness and produced the exact outcome I desired. I’d highly recommend working with Bailey Law Firm to any friends or family that needed legal representation.

Bailey Law Firm produced the exact results I desired. Bridget was very easy and friendly to work directly with, timely with responses, and diligent in researching and preparing for litigation. I will continue to use Bailey Law and would recommend friends and family to do so as well.


Bridget is extremely professional, thorough, and timely. When I was searching for an attorney I wanted someone that would grow with my business, someone that could help me navigate the legal world so that I could sleep at night. Knowing complex documents are taken care of and off my plate is a relief. Bridget has met or exceeded my expectations every time!

Garrett W.

Bridget is so knowledgeable and conscientious; she is thorough, determined, and extremely professional in her work. She helped me through some challenging times when I started a new business and when I needed it the most.

Corbin S.

Bridget is very intelligent, but can explain things in a way that we understand them. She is able to navigate through tough discussions with confidence.